Shining Summer Reins *2003 (buckskin)

foto by Sarah Hansen Fotografie

Shining Summer Reins is a very sensitive and sensitive mare, but very patient and calm. She is an incredibly good mover.

She has over 7,000 USD earnings and is Point Earner of 3 Points in AQHA Open Shows,
Trained in Reining, Cutting, Team Penning and Working Cowhorse.


Immune Mediated Myositis & MYH1 Myopathy (MYHM) N/N

Her foals:
2012 Stallion by Smart Spook
2014 Ace Mistr Tinseltown by Hollywoodstinseltown, Hengst in der Farbe: Cremello ! He is in training with Jimmy Moussa and have lots of talent!
2016 Shining Lil Joesy – filly by Lil Joe Cash in the color chestnut (Not for Sale)
2017 Sparkin Spook – stallion by Smart Spook in Buckskin (SOLD).                                                                     2019 Shiny Batgirl – filly by Best Spook in Palomino

pregnant from Spat A Blue for 04/2021



Her father is the famous stallion SHINING SPARK

SHINING SPARK Palomino, 1989 – AQHA 2810420 – Decktaxe 2010 25.000 USD! !2011 in the NRHA Hall of Fame!!! NRHA 4 Million Dollar Sire

1994 NRHA Open Derby Champion over 85 entries, scoring a
230.5; 1993 AQHA World Champion Junior Reining Horse, scoring
a 227.5 at the World, earning a total of $62,674.
Total Foals 1,176 Foals of Performance Age 1,091
Performers 653 Money-Earners 555
Total Earnings $7,748,126 Average Earnings $13,960
Point-Earners 456 Points Earned 32,900
ROM Awards 402 Superior Awards 190
World Championships 33 Reserve World Championships 32
The NRCHA #1 All-Time Leading Sire and the NRCHA’s First & Only Three Million Dollar Sire (the only sire to be over the Three Million dollar mark in both the NRCHA & NRHA!); 2008 NRCHA #1 Leading Sire; 2009 NRHA #8 Leading Sire; NRHA #4 All-Time Leading Sire and
the NRHA’S Youngest Three Million Dollar Sire; AQHA’s #2 All-Time Leading Living Sire of Performance ROM, and the 2008 AQHA #3 All-Time Leading Sire of Open Performance Points-Earned.

SHINER’S MOST RECENT STARS SHININGNSASSY(SassyOLena, by Doc O’Lena). $200,987:NRHA Open Futurity Champion; 6th, 2009 NRBC.
SHINERS NICKLE (Shesa Lota Nic, by Reminic). $71,485: 2009 NRCHA Open Futurity Co-Reserve Champion.
LIL MISS SHINEY CHEX (Lil Miss Smarty Chex, by Smart Little Lena). $80,074: 4th, 2009 AQHA World Senior Working Cowhorse.
A SHINER NAMED SIOUX (Docs Sulena, by Doc O’Lena). $52,212: top 10, 2009 NRCHA Open Futurity (Rein Work Champion); 2009 SRCHA Kalpowar Open Futurity Champion.
SPARK N WHIZ (Mizzen Topsail, by Topsail Cody). $45,131: 2009 Euro NRHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion.
PRESIDENTE SHINER (Miss Hickory Tari, by Taris Catalyst).
$40,971: top 10, 2009 AQHA World Junior Reining.
SHINEY SENORITA (Tarizana, by Taris Catalyst). $43,192: 5th, 2009 NRCHA Open Futurity.
GENUINE MASTERPIECE (Kings Masterpiece, by Peppy San
Badger). $34,113: split 5th, 2009 NRCHA Open Stakes.
SHINERS TREAT (Hagandaz, by Grays Starlight). $32,500: top 10, 2009 NRCHA Open Futurity; 5th, 2009 NSHA Open Futurity.
SHINEY SUSHI (Docs Sulena, by Doc O’Lena). $ 26,349: 2009 NRCHA Open Stakes Reserve Champion.
SHINEY PLAYBOY (Playboys Sally, by Freckles Playboy). $23,268: 2009 NRCHA Limited Open Stakes Champion.
CIRCLE SIX SPARK 205 (Begay 295, by Colonel Spats). $17,895:
2009 NRCHA Limited Open Derby Champion.
SPARKING CHAMP (Be Bitsy Champ, by Poco Champs Blue). 162 AQHApoints: 2009AQHYAWorld Champion Working Cowhorse. SHINING SPARK HAS SIRED:
SHINE BY THE BAY (Metermaid To Order, by Doc O’Lena). $174,541 and 517AQHApoints:AQHAWorld Show Most Valuable Working Cowhorse; AQHA World Champion Working Cowhorse twice;
AQHA Reserve World Superhorse; World’s Greatest Horseman
Reserve Champion with Robbie Schroeder; NRCHA Open Stakes Champion; 5th, NRHA Open Futurity.
MISSREYOSHINE (Miss ReyOLena, by Doc O’Lena). $159,715: split 4th, NRHA Open Derby; top 10, NRHA Open Futurity.
SMART SHINETTA (Smart Hickory, by Doc’s Hickory). $132,166: 4th, NRCHA Open Futurity; 3rd, AQHA World Working Cowhorse.
SHINE LIKE HAIL (Summer Chex, by Bueno Chex). $116,226: NRCHA Futurity Reserve Champion; NRCHA Hackamore Classic Open Ch. SPARKING TRAIN (Sister Train, by Reminic). $112,073 and 212 AQHA points:AQHAWorld Champion Senior Heading Horse;AQHAReserve World Champion Senior Working Cowhorse; AQHA High Point WorkingCowhorseMare;NRCHAWorldOpenTwo-ReinChampion.
JUST GOTTA SHINE (Zans Pretty Penny, by Zan Parr Bar). $105,844: NRHA Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion; 4th, NRHA Top 10.
BALD N SHINEY (Leos Raffle Lady, by Hank Leo). $100,379 and 943 AQHApoints: 5-time World Champion:AQHAWorldShowAll-Around Amateur;AQHAWorldChampioninAmateurHeading, Senior&Amateur Working Cowhorse and Senior & Amateur Heeling; NRCHA
Non-Pro Bridle World Champion; AQHA High Point Am. Cowhorse. SPARK MASTER (Kings Masterpiece, by Peppy San Badger). $99,474: NRCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion.
SHINERS DIAMOND JILL (Zans Diamond Jackie, by Zans Diamond Sun). 657 AQHA points: AQHA World Show Superhorse; AQHA High Point High Point Heading & Heeling Champion; High Point Working Cowhorse Mare.
SAILING SPARK (Topsail Maid, by Topsail Cody). $96,382: Equi-Stat #1 Reining Mare; NRHA Open Futurity Champion Mare.
SHINERS LENADOC(Docs Sulena, by Doc O’Lena). $91,890:NRBC Open Derby Reserve Champion; 6th, NRHA Open Derby.
SHINEY LIL MISS (Lil Miss Smarty Chex, by Smart Little Lena).
$89,000: 2008 NRCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion.
SPINNIN SPARKS (Roxys Spinning Top, by Topsail Cody). $82,455: NRHA Intermediate Open Derby Co-Reserve Champion.
SHIRLEY SHINE (Shirley McLain, by Ima Cougar). $80,306: NRCHA Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion; 3rd, NRCHA Open Futurity.
LIL MISS SHINEY CHEX (Lil Miss Smarty Chex, by Smart Little Lena). $80,074: AQHA Reserve World Champion Junior Working
Cowhorse; NRCHA Open Two-Rein World Champion.
WHERES MY SHINE (Boomerita, by Boomernic). $79,798: NRCHA Non-Pro Futurity Champion; 2009 NRCHA Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion;NRCHANon-Pro Stakes Co-ReserveChampion.
Equi-Stat #2 Leading Reining Maternal Grandsire and
the NRCHA #2 Leading Maternal Grandsire
SHINING SPARK’S DAUGHTERS HAVE PRODUCED: WALLAWALLAWHIZ (Topsail Whiz). $187,820:NRHAOpen Derby Champion; 3rd, NRBC Open Derby.
SPARKLING WAVES (Tidal Wave Jack). $162,320: 4th, NRHA Open Futurity; top 10, NRHA & NRBC Open Derbies.
NICS BLACK DIAMOND (Nic It In The Bud). $154,320: NSHA Open Futurity Co-Reserve Champion; 4th, NRHA Open Futurity.
CROMED OUT MERCEDES (Custom Crome). $145,360: 2009 AQHA Reserve World Champion Junior Reining Horse; 2009 NRBC
Open Derby Champion.
WHIZKEY N DIAMONDS (Topsail Whiz). $125,149: 3rd, 2009 NRHA Open Futurity; High Roller Open Futurity Champion.
SHES FUL OF DIAMONDS (Hes A Peptospoonful). $122,399: NRCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion.
CDDEE VEE DEE (CD Lights). 2009AQHAReserve World Champion Junior Working Cowhorse; 4th, NRCHA Open Stakes, $51,223. BERRYS SHINING CHIC (Chic Please). 2009 AQHA World Champion
Junior Tie-Down Roping Horse.
FEMALE LINE SHININGSPARK’sdamisDIAMONDSSPARKLE,AQHAHall of Fame; World Show Superhorse, World Champion Heading Horse, NRHA Hall of Fame, an NRHA Top 12 All-Time Leading Producer (2009), #1 All-Time Leading Producer (1999-2005) and the AQHA #1 All-Time Leading Producer of World Champions.


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