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Riding is more than a sport.

Riding is feeling and trust. Riding is a life setting: full of fascination, passion and longing.

Welcome to my homepage ‚Katharin Quarter Horses‘

All my horses enchant me by their unique nature, their loving nature, and above all their trust and relationship with the people.
The love of my horses and the breed of Quarter Horses made me move on with the breed.

What inspires me about the Quarter Horses?

In any case, their special being! Your loving and human approach, coupled with the coolness in the deal, fascinates me every day anew.

‚I have a wonderful horse, it has the ease of the wind and the fire heat, but when its rider ascends it, his gentleness is nothing but the rest before the outbreak of the storm.‘ William Shakespeare describes it so aptly.

Quarter Horses are the true all-rounder: whether as pure leisure horse, love partner in life or successful sport horse – Quarter Horses convince with good character characteristics and are due to their origin robust, agile, confident and very skilled.

How do I breed?

Breeding does not mean multiplying and the best in large numbers. Breeding is called the genes of good horses, ie, in sport, successful with good nature and character to maintain and improve.
Almost all my horses I have been accompanying since they are very young. Through the daily work with them, I know both their strengths and their weaknesses: for breeding, this is essential to compensate not only the physical weaknesses of a broodmare, but also to perfect the character traits. My goal is to breed powerful and friendly Quarter Horses, which are characterized by a harmonious and compact physique.

What can you expect from my breeding?

My broodmares are daughters of well-known stallions and from very good dams with their own show records in the disciplines: Reining or Cutting / Working Cowhorse, or they have already produced.
Your quarter horse should be healthy and balanced. It grows up in the herd’s federation (open shelter). Daily grazing is a matter of course for me and a prerequisite for giving you a healthy, powerful but above all a loving horse with an indescribable nature.

Talk to me and I will bury your tramps. The Quarter Horse!

Katharina Wessel

foto by Sarah Hansen Fotografie